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Our Story

When your mission in life and business is “to do things that have the best opportunity to make the most people smile”, it makes complete sense that Debbie Wong took action and founded The Furniture Flippers Show.

Debbie spent much of her Professional Career in the Corporate World bringing Internal and External Teams together to achieve specific goals in a collaborative way. 

However, during her down time and at home you would constantly find her pouring through the latest décor magazine searching for inspiration for her passion.  Transforming Furniture!  She caught the Furniture Flipping bug in her 20’s, completing Pieces for herself, her Friends and Family, and even selling some as a part time business.  Sound familiar?  The Furniture Flipping World is full of similar stories.

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Looking for a way to compliment online sales it quickly became apparent that there really wasn’t a viable option dedicated to the Furniture Flipping Industry…and it presented an opportunity to do something that had the best opportunity to make the most people smile!


About Us

Our “Us” includes a community full of Socially Active Small Businesses operating primarily online, Circular Economy Participants and Advocates, passionate and creative Individuals working in Partnership with like-minded Suppliers, Responsible and Savvy Purchasers, and other Attendees from across all demographics. 

Each Person and Organization is a unique Member of The Furniture Flippers Show Family.

Our Show Team

The Show Team is comprised of individuals with expertise and many years of experience in:

  • Business
  • Finance
  • Customer Service
  • Operations
  • Project Management
  • Event Management
  • Marketing, and Technology

Our Goals

To help creative Small Businesses chart their paths to further success and grow the Furniture Flipping Industry.
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To provide a platform for sales, exposure, business development and community building. A place to showcase Creations, Services, and Products.

To contribute to the Circular Economy in a meaningful way by enabling and encouraging the entire Community to embrace refurbishing and purchasing Existing Furniture.


As demand for Material Items increases, the Circular Economy is emerging as a Sustainable Solution to non-degradable Waste.

To facilitate meaningful and mutually beneficial Relationships for all Participants of the Community, including our Sponsor Partners.
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Organizations that have a Unique Opportunity, and the ability to Drive Change in support of their Customers and Potential Customers.

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The Furniture Flippers Show